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NFT First Timers

If you've never bought an NFT before, you've come to the right place.
What exactly am I getting into?
If you haven’t already bought your NFT, we are going to make it as simple and easy as possible for you to join in the crypto and NFT excitement. And, what better way to dive in than joining Burble’s community of passionate artists and musicians, and own a piece of legendary stories?
First of all, what is an NFT?
You may have heard all the hullabaloo about NFTs, or non fungible tokens. They swept the world last year and they are here to stay. NFTs are digital assets that clearly define ownership because the asset itself lives on a layer of tech called the Blockchain. Blockchain refers to a distributed ledger that anyone in the world has access to and can see who owns what asset, whether that is money, an NFT, or other kinds of digital tokens. Since an NFT is ‘non-fungible’, this means that no one else can claim ownership over the asset you own. Unlike cash, which is fungible (because my one dollar is the same as your one dollar), NFTs are identifiably unique, and this is only enabled because it lives on the blockchain.
What makes it different from a JPG?
A JPG does not have any official ownership digitally attached to it. Yes, you can copy and paste NFT images, but that’s like taking a picture of the mona lisa and saying you own it. You don’t have the true original piece of art, you just have a copy of it, therefore it is significantly lower in value.
Why do I need a special kind of ‘wallet’?
In order to participate in blockchain (and NFT) transactions, you need a digital form of your wallet. Think of it like this: you already have a physical wallet with credit cards linked to certain centralized banks, right? Your digital crypto wallet serves the same purpose, and as you learn with Metamask, you can add different types of cryptocurrencies like Eth (currency linked to the Ethereum network), Matic (currency linked to Polygon network). Different currencies exist because there are different functions of each currency network. It is almost like how each country has their own currency to fit the needs of their citizens, but unlike geospecific currencies, crypto currencies are borderless and can be used anywhere. The difference among crypto currencies lies in the functionality.
Alright, so what exactly is Metamask?
Metamask is the most popular cryptocurrency wallet that lives in your browser, and is the best way to buy NFTs and get into the crypto ecosystem. See below for a more technical description of what MetaMask is if you want to nerd out more! Technical Description: Metamask is a type of Ethereum wallet that bridges the gap between the user interfaces for Ethereum (For example, Mist browsers, DApps) and the regular web (For example, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, websites). Its function is to inject a JavaScript library called web3.js into the namespace of each page your browser loads. Web3.js is written by the Ethereum core team. MetaMask is mainly used as a plugin in the web browser.
Alright, now you are ready to install Metamask and buy your first NFT. You will do that by installing and using Metamask on Google Chrome.
Step 1: Go to Chrome Web Store Extensions Section (don’t let ‘store’ fool you - this is 100% FREE to download)
Step 2: Search MetaMask.
Step 3: Check the number of downloads to make sure that the legitimate MetaMask is being installed, as hackers might try to make clones of it. See a photo below of the right version:
Step 4: Click the Add to Chrome button. Step 5: Step 5: Once installation is complete, this page will be displayed. Click on the Get Started button.
Step 6: Since this is the first time creating a wallet, click the Create a Wallet button. (If you already have a wallet, then import the already created using the Import Wallet button).
Step 7: Unless you want your data to be collected to help improve Metamask, click No Thanks. It doesn’t matter if you click no - you can still create a wallet.
Step 8: Now it’s time to create a password for your wallet. This password needs to be entered every time the browser is launched and wants to use MetaMask. An important note: a new password needs to be created if chrome is uninstalled or if there is a switching of browsers. In that case, go through the Import Wallet button. This is because MetaMask stores the keys in the browser. Once you have a password entered, click Agree to Terms of Use.
Step 9: Click on the dark area which says “Click here to reveal secret words” to get your secret phrase.
Step 10: If you haven’t worked with Crypto before, this may sound a bit weird and crazy, but this is actually the most important step. Your secret phrase is the magic formula that enables anyone to get into your wallet. Imagine that your physical wallet needed one phrase to open and if you are able to open it, you can use any of your cards and IDs. This seed phrase is the magic code to unlock your digital wallet.You need to back up your secret phrase properly. Do not store your secret phrase on your computer, instead, write it on 3 different pieces of paper and hide it somewhere safe. Please read everything on this screen until you understand it completely before proceeding. The secret phrase is the only way to access your wallet if you forget your password. Once done click the Next button.
Step 11: Click the buttons respective to the order of the words in your seed phrase. In other words, type the seed phrase using the button on the screen. If done correctly, the Confirm button should turn blue.
Step 12: Click the Confirm button. Please follow the tips mentioned.
Step 13: You can see the balance and copy the address of the account by clicking on the Account 1 area.
Step 14: You can access MetaMask in the browser by clicking the Foxface icon on the top right. If the Foxface icon is not visible, then click on the puzzle piece icon right next to it.
You are officially in the crypto ecosystem and ready to buy your NFT with Burble!
Source: https://www.geeksforgeeks.org/how-to-install-and-use-metamask-on-google-chrome/
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